Iskan: a technical passport for real estate in Turkey


Iskan in Turkey is a document confirming that the building has been completed, meets all project requirements, cadastral plan, and technical requirements, and is suitable for living. Officially, the technical passport in Turkey is called Yapi kullanma izin belgesi, and İskan is used by the people and is a common noun.

In this review, you will read about the types of Iskan, what issues you might have if a registration certificate is absent, and find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Iskan: a technical passport for real estate in Turkey

Types of Iskan in Turkey

On the territory of the Republic of Turkey, there are four types of registration certificates. Two of them are issued for facilities commissioned before 2020:

  • Genel Iskan is a technical passport issued immediately for the entire building. The document contains the following information:
  • location of a residential building;
  • land area;
  • number of apartments, their size;
  • number of floors of a residential building;
  • plan of engineering networks and communications.

The act of putting the object into operation is received by the construction company when all the work is about to be completed. A special commission checks whether the residential building corresponds to the declared project and all technical standards. If the residential building meets the requirements, the inspectors sign the Iskan, and the developer receives Genel Iskan from the municipality. In case of any violations, the developer must eliminate them within a certain time.

  • Ferdi Iskan is a registration certificate issued to the owner of individual apartments. The act contains all the technical characteristics of the apartment and other important information:
  • size of a residential unit;
  • number of rooms;
  • address;
  • name of the owner.

Remember that Ferdy Iskan is issued only to the first owner. In the event of purchase at the secondary market, the buyer should request a registration certificate from the seller. No one else can provide the document. The seller is obliged to confirm the availability of Ferdi Iskan and, at the time of purchase of the real estate and transfer the technical passport to the next owner.

An individual registration certificate is issued upon general act - Genel Iskan - in the city administration. Registration can take place only if there is a TAPU - a certificate of ownership presented at the registration office.

In the absence of an individual passport, utility costs will be significantly higher than in the case when it is issued, and some communications can not be connected at all.

The cost of a registration certificate for an apartment depends on the area and comes to €200. The certificate is issued in no more than ten days.

  • Toplu Iskan. The third type of registration certificate for real estate in Turkey is called Toplu Iskan and is issued for facilities put into operation after 2020. The act is issued to the developer for the whole building and all apartments. Unlike Genel Iskan, it does not require an individual technical passport for a residential unit.

Officially, the document is called Yapi kullanma izin belgesi and serves the same purpose as Ferdi Iskan. The numbers of apartments in Toplou are written at the back of the document in ascending order: 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, etc. 

  • YAPI KAYIT BELGESI is the fourth type of registration certificate in Turkey. It is issued for unfinished and reconstructed buildings. This document is provided under the urban planning amnesty of the Republic of Turkey (Article 3194, paragraph 16). It contains all the information about residential buildings, apartments, and commercial areas.
Iskan: a technical passport for real estate in Turkey

Real estate in Turkey without a technical passport

When the construction process is completed, the commission carries out an examination and control whether real estate meets the declared standards. Then the stage of coordination and approval according to various parameters begins, Iskan is issued, and the building changes the status under construction into a residential one. That is the purpose of the certificate.

What consequences you might face when buying an apartment in Turkey without a registration certificate? With a 100% probability, you will receive the property with the status under construction.

What are the reasons for the residential building not having Iskan? First, there might be some technical faults, that is, the construction does not comply with the standards and rules approved at the state level. There might be technical, engineering, and architectural flaws that do not allow commissioning the project and granting it the status of a completed residential facility.

Also, the building may not correspond to the construction plan presented originally. Since the city has a town-planning plan, there are many restrictions regarding the permissible number of floors and the area of ​​​​an object on a specific land plot. Moreover, it is necessary to consider sanitary standards and general design.

Upon issuing RUHSATI - a building permit - all the documents and plans are submitted and validated. Hence, the developer must construct the building according to the presented project. For example, if three buildings were approved, and there was enough money to build only two, such a residential building cannot receive the status of the completed building due to inconsistency with the original project plan.

The third reason is duties and taxes. The developer must pay all the duties and taxes for the building to change its status. Otherwise, Iskan is not issued.

Iskan: a technical passport for real estate in Turkey

Some of these problems are not significant, while others are more common. However, when buying an apartment without a registration certificate, you must clearly understand the costs and the number of problems you will have to face. Can you solve those issues?

Buying a cheap apartment without Iskan can lead to significant expenses in the future. As a rule, there are problems with the contracts and payment for utilities (electricity and water). The construction site tariffs will be applied, and they are significantly higher than for a residential building.

Our catalog contains real estate from reliable developers who have no problems obtaining Iskan. Moreover, all houses and apartments on offer are checked thoroughly for required documentation. By purchasing real estate with our company, you are sure to invest in real estate with residential property status.

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